Sunday, January 17, 2016


It only took a few weeks until I forgot how it felt. This feeling that had fulfilled every inch of my body and soul. And even though it wouldn't have been so hard to refresh this source of life, of power, (it was somewhere in the back of my mind, unconsciously) I just stood beside myself and watched it slowly fade away. As hard as I tried to mentally put myself back into situations where it occured, trying to catch a glance of what it was like, all I remembered was that there certainly was something, urgent and intense - but try as I might, I could not remember how exactly it felt.
Face it, doesn't it always work that way? As time passes, people change, and everything gets blurred out, everything fades and you forget what was once so important to you, be it ideals or feelings, whether it takes days or years.
Is there a way to make it stay? I don't know. I haven't  found one yet. But I believe we should try not just letting those feelings and thoughts go. If I know there is this feeling that I enjoy and appreciate so much, I want to keep it and live it, not forget it... And if I ever should start to forget, I want to go out and search until I get it all back.
I hope I will, I know I can.

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