Wednesday, May 09, 2012

new in:

bracelet (bought in NY from some no name artist)
COS navy leather sandals
MacBook Pro (finally....)
The Coral Sea by Patti Smith

The book is a birthday present from one of my very best friends...Thank you Ivna. If you like Patti, you can read my impressions of her wonderful novel "Just Kids" here.


  1. Lucky u! The shoes are TDF! xoA

  2. Was it your birthday?! Happy belated birthday! COS is also my to-go place where I always manage to find something (or should I say many things...) that I really like and I'm so jealous about your Mac...I'm also temped to go for a Mac Air...will see!

  3. great stuff! I need the book..I loved just kids from her!

  4. I want that book too! NOW!
    I'm clicking on a.s.a.p... thanks for sharing! and happy birthday! hope you had an awesome one!

  5. ahhh love those shoes!! wish i could shop COS..
    happy belated birthday to you too doll x